Are You Getting Enough Sleep??

Is everybody ready for another challenge?? Here’s an easy yet very beneficial one! Tomorrow stop eating at 8pm and go to bed at a decent hour. This will 1. Help you feel better about your weigh in friday morning, 2. prevent you from late night snacking and 3. help you feel in control when you accomplish it!


One of the leading causes of weight gain is insufficient sleep, well shoot, can someone tell my kids this?! Be more in control of your late night eating and when you go to bed. You WILL wake up feeling fabulous!!!

I just want everyone to know,  I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. It’s hard, frustrating, fun, supportive, enlightening. Y’all have seriously done AWESOME and you should be very proud of your progress!! Being healthy is a way of life. Continue to make it your way of life and you WILL see and/or feel the effects of it.

Losing Weight Mom