Happy Monday!

If you cheated over the weekend or went to one too many get togethers, time to kick your butt back into gear! I can’t say I LOVE burpees, but they really are such a good workout!! They are a great combination of strength and cardio training.

Here’s your challenge for today…

60 seconds of burpees 4 x today AND tomorrow. You can do one minute now, one minute early afternoon, and one minute before or after dinner… Whenever you can really. I love these one minute challenges. I’ll probably do one of mine around 4pm when I start getting tired and I need a “pick me up.”

There are two levels of burpees, you can pick which you’d like to do. Here’s an instruction video or you can watch me and my kids below.


My kids have watched me do burpees so much that they usually just join in now. Get your kiddos involved!!

One more IMPORTANT thing, count how many burpees you do in your first minute. Let me know how many in the comments (on the Facebook page) or just keep it for your own records. We will be doing this challenge again next monday and you are going to BEAT  that number for sure!!! Now, go get movin!!

* Our next weight loss challenge will be starting mid July, just something to think about 🙂

Losing Weight Mom