Clean eating, because you are worth it!

The Facebook group has been a little quieter this week. After the initial weight loss in the first few weeks, the middle couple weeks can be frustrating. DON’T GIVE UP.  Perseverance is key. If you get knocked down, pick yourself up. Keep going. Being healthy is never over. You can ‘t just give up, BECAUSE YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT.

Your challenge for tonight/ tomorrow is to spend some time researching clean eating. The term “clean eating”  can be modified to you personally.  I want you to change 3 things in your diet to be more clean. Think about what is hurting your nutrition on a daily basis. What is a food that makes you break. What 3 things are you going to change in your diet to be more clean?

I have one more challenge for those that are up for it. Research. Study. Learn. Educate yourself on how to be the healthy person you want to be. Make your own personal goal to educate yourself more. I am going to allocate more time for this in my life. Being healthy is so important to my happiness. I am a busy mom/hairstylist/wife BUT I AM GOING TO MAKE TIME, because I am lookin out for me. If I’m healthy, I’m happy. Of course then my family is happy too…

Here’s a good article/blog to get you started on your clean eating journey!

Losing Weight Mom