Feeling Frumpy, how do I get over it?

So I have a personal experience to share.

I gained this week. A lot. It’s been a while since I’ve gained weight. I’m not confused as to why I gained, I know I ate junk most days. Here is the realization that I had… Every time I ate something unhealthy I was in a destructive mindset. Meaning, I was thinking “oh I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow” or I was eating junk because I was upset, feeling sorry for myself or stressed out. In the moment, eating something crappy was totally legit. My husband didn’t even say something, because he knew it was a rough time. Well guess what, even though I had a REALLY hard emotional week, now I feel worse. :( Why? Because my pants are getting tight, my stomach actually feels different, I’m craving junk again, and all and all I am just not HAPPY with myself and the choices I made.  So now, the issue that was so stressful last week is gone/resolved but this week I am feeling the effects of my choices.

What did I learn? Emotional eating is lame! It will never benefit me or even make me feel better.  It will only cause a vicious cycle that will take me back to where I started 14 months ago. The hardest part now is to get over the frumpy feeling of yucky food in my body and MOVE FORWARD! Get out of the funk, break free!

time to beat the bulge! I love those days when I wake up feeling thinner… haven’t had one in a while though.