How can I achieve my weight loss goals?

3.26.13_Eat_Clean_Train_MeanJust wanted to throw this out there…
Things I feel are crucial to losing weight:

Getting enough rest (early to bed, early to rise)
Never being full (that point where you know you ate too much.. you know 
Exercise, cardio and lifting weights are equally important
staying active
planning your meals (makes it possible for you to stay on track)
Research (always be learning how to be even healthier than you are)
Whole foods!
Whole grains, cut out those white/simple carbs (potatoes/white bread/cereal)
Limit sugar intake or cut it out completely
Limited Dairy and processed foods
food logging
Eat out less (much less haha)

Learn to LOVE nutritious whole foods. Food can be your friend, not the enemy!

My first 30 pounds came off with no exercise at all (maybe once a week only). Eating right is so important. Now I am having to workout and eat right. I am seeing a change in my body, I actually like the way I feel in my own skin, this has never happened to me! I’m not losing a ton on the scale but if I look at old pictures it helps to remind me how far I have come. It is a process. The days I eat healthy I am in the BEST MOOD!! Other days when I am cheating, snacking, going out to lunch… then later on in the day I am mean and upset with myself. I know what to do, it is the implementing that is the hardest part. 

Look at this list, see if there are areas where you can improve. I know I have lots.

Losing Weight Mom