How to Submit Weight and Photos


Biggest Loser Weigh-in

Clothing: Shorts or biker shorts and TShirt/tank or sports bra. Same for First and Final Weigh-ins. NO SHOES.

First Week’s Weigh-in: Video Weigh-in. (submit on website not via email or text)

Weekly Weigh-in (weeks 2-7): Photo of current weight on scale. (submit photo on website before 9am PST, no texting or email)

Final Weigh-in: Video Weigh-in via website


You must be visible in the video from head-to-toe.

1. Verify the current time and day by showing a news paper, website, or the lock screen of a smartphone or tablet that has the date

2. Step onto scale, read number allowed. (scale cannot be on carpet)

3. Video the number on the scale.

4. Submit video through the website. (you will not have access to this link until after you have paid and become an official contestant)

Sample video weigh in (try to make the video as short as possible, less than 25 seconds is best for shorter upload times)


1. Wear required clothing (no black shirts, nothing baggie)

2. Take photos with arms to side (Forward, to the side and to the back)

* Wear the same exact clothing in your before and after pictures. Stand the same exact way in both photos. Do not arch back, push stomach  out etc. Stand tall. Before photo example below.

3. Submit photos through the website. You must submit your before photos sometime during the first week of the challenge. These will be kept private.

DSC_0037 DSC_0038

email with any questions or clarifications.