How Can I Eat Well at Parties?

So I have had lots of people ask me how I am able to do “well” or eat healthy at parties? On super bowl sunday I did a post similar to this HERE.


This is what I’ve decided, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN. You get to decide your plan, whatever it may be. One plate of food and one dessert. One plate of food, no dessert. One plate of food, unlimited veggies/salad and one small dessert. Not eating at all (some people are better at this than others and sometimes it is just easier to say no to everything.) So whatever your plan is, make one and stick to it!


Some helpful suggestions:

  • Tell your spouse or a good friend what your “plan” is.
  • Bring something healthy with you to the party.
  • Bring a dessert that you don’t like (but others do).
  • Have a healthy snack before you go and bring a big water bottle.
  • Do not eat food straight from the table, you will never know your serving sizes. Always dish your food onto a plate and sit down with it.
  • Best tip, have confidence in yourself. You are strong and you can achieve the goals you set. 
Anyone else have any good tips they want to share?? Please do!!!