It’s GAMEDAY, how are you going to stick to your healthy eating??

Does anyone else have a REALLY hard time sticking to their healthy eating at get togethers? I do!


Don’t stress about today, just make a plan first! Don’t go to your friend’s house without a plan thinking, oh I’ll just eat a bit… that is probably not going to work. Make a real plan! If you know there will be cookies, decide if you are going to have one, two or none. If there will be chips and dip, put your portion on your plate so you can see how much you are eating. Don’t stand at the table picking at all the food, you will never know how much you have really consumed.

My plan? I am bringing something with me that is probably more healthy than the other foods that will be there. Here’s where I got my RECIPE675486

This yummy bean dip doesn’t neccesarily need chips, you can eat it like a salad! I like to put avocado and jalepeno in there too. I omit the oil, I don’t think it changes the flavor too much.

My good friend is making her AMAZINGLY yummy chocolate chip cookies. I’ve decided to go without! I can have one small plate of food and no sugar. If I want to munch more, I can have as much of my bean dip as I want (without chips, like a salad). There’s my plan! I’m sticking to it.

What’s your plan?

Losing Weight Mom