No more fast food for me!!


This challenge is for me. For the rest of our challenge, I am going without fast food. I’ve had to rely on it too much lately because of traveling. And then it seems that even after I’m home from traveling the habit is still there. This isn’t good for me, and its definitely not good for my children. Yesterday we were out running errands, I hadn’t planned ahead so I ended up at Mcdonalds with my kids because we were all starving. I don’t want my kids to think that it’s “normal” for us to just go grab lunch at a fast food place or little caesars for dinner… I want them to appreciate good food. They love my cooking, so why give them the junk that I’m trying to stay away from?

So here is my challenge to everyone, evaluate yourself. Can you do better? Are there areas where you are slipping up? Are there things you do that you know aren’t good for your health? How can you make small improvements? We all have different weaknesses I’m sure, so I can’t tell you what you can or should change. Only you can decide that for yourself.

So I’ve already told you my area that is lagging… what is yours? Share it if you would like to!!! Maybe it will help you to do better at it!

So here’s my official challenge for myself: no eating out/fast food unless it is planned. Meaning a date with my hubby or a family dinner somewhere, where I know I can control myself and pick something healthy. (Even those, I will limit to once a week at most). Gotta kick it into gear now, I have just been drifting these last few weeks and not putting in the effort that I need to! Its ok that I haven’t done well, I can start TODAY! I’m not giving up!!! Are you ready?!