What do you snack on when you have the munchies?

I am having mad cravings today! Why is it that ALL I want to eat are my kids’ Chicken Dinos?! Seriously, am I 5 years old?  Let’s be honest, they are really good! Hahaha.

So I have the munchies today, this is what I’m eating, frozen blackberries.  What do you eat when you are having mad cravings and grazing in the kitchen all the time? Share with us your healthy snacks!


Time to set a few Goals!

smart goal setting concept


How are you doing?!! The Facebook page has been a little quitter this week. Is everyone staying strong? If not, that is totally ok! Tomorrow, wake up and decide to do your BEST.

Here’s tomorrow challenge:

I want you to have a good day and be proud of yourself, so tomorrows challenge is to make 3 goals and keep them. Right now decide what your 3 goals will be and do you absolute hardest to accomplish them! It’s only one day, YOU CAN DO THIS. Everyone can.

Here are mine:

70 oz. of water (I’ve only been getting about 60 and I swear I feel like I’m drinking all day lol)

Go to bed by 1030pm (I am a night owl… not good)

eat 100% clean tomorrow, NOTHING processed!

Ok, there are mine! Now you know my weaknesses 🙂 hahaha. You can do the same as me or choose your own. You can do this, and tomorrow when you go to bed you will be proud of you for doing it.

Losing Weight Mom



Why should I stop drinking Diet Coke?


Doesn’t that look so good!? An ice cold fountain diet coke, just the way I like it!

I got started on Diet Coke pretty young… when I was two!! I loved my Dad’s 7-eleven runs.  Ok let’s be serious, I didn’t “drink” diet coke when I was two, just sips 🙂 (yes that’s me, blonde, crazy right?)

Me at 2


I’ve been told for a long time, that Diet Coke isn’t good for me. I have always thought “well at least (more…)

Success Stories

I have seen some awesome successes since starting these challenges. I do think reading success stories is super helpful and motivating. Just wanted to share some good ones from Women’s Health Mag.


I can totally relate when this was said in the 7th story

“when someone pulled out a camera on a family trip. I always tried to stand in the back, but this time I couldn’t hide,” she recalls. “I decided I wanted a body that I could be proud of.”

I feel the same way! Its time to be proud of my body. Time to make it what I can. Time to treat it right. Feed it properly.  I want the energy a fit body radiates.

Step by step, winning by losing.

Here’s my official “before” picture… now I just need an after picture. I just hit my 50 pounds lost mark since March of 2013! Gotta. Keep. Going. Almost there!

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.12.11 PM


(I can’t believe I just posted this on the internet… pretty sure I must be crazy!) (more…)

Water Water Water, how much water are you drinking?

UN-says-2-bln-more-people-get-safe-water-to-drink_NGArticleFullAre you drinking enough water?  Here’s your challenge for the next few days. Tomorrow, track your water (you can start today if you’d like).  Just track it. That way you can get an idea of about how much you are having on a regular basis.

On Tuesday can you drink half your body weight in ounces? You don’t have to do this everyday, but that is the challenge for this Tuesday!! Let’s do it!  Then, Wednesday and on, make a more reasonable goal and start keeping track.


Tricep Tuesday Challenge (one of my favorites)!!!



I know we all love the backs of our arms (there are lots of fun nicknames for these) so tomorrow is TRICEP TUESDAY.

At the top of the hour, every hour, do as many tricep dips as you can.  Or even every other hour. Here’s a super short you tube video on good form and all different levels of tricep chair dips. The best part about this challenge is you can do it anywhere!! Home, work, the playground… wherever you are! (last challenge I made it to about 3 o’clock before my arms were completely dead!)

No excuses ladies. Let me know how your arms feel tomorrow. Oh how I LOVE my triceps… Not!

For those who want to be more intense, tricep dips and then 15-20 burpees, every hour, top of the hour.

The thing I LOVE most about this challenge is that you get woken up every hour. If you are in a slum or feeling lazy, these will wake you right up to energize you for another hour.

Losing Weight Mom

tricep chair dips instruction 

Feeling Frumpy, how do I get over it?

So I have a personal experience to share.

I gained this week. A lot. It’s been a while since I’ve gained weight. I’m not confused as to why I gained, I know I ate junk most days. Here is the realization that I had… Every time I ate something unhealthy I was in a destructive mindset. Meaning, I was thinking “oh I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow” or I was eating junk because I was upset, feeling sorry for myself or stressed out. In the moment, eating something crappy was totally legit. My husband didn’t even say something, because he knew it was a rough time. Well guess what, even though I had a REALLY hard emotional week, now I feel worse. :( Why? Because my pants are getting tight, my stomach actually feels different, I’m craving junk again, and all and all I am just not HAPPY with myself and the choices I made.  So now, the issue that was so stressful last week is gone/resolved but this week I am feeling the effects of my choices.

What did I learn? Emotional eating is lame! It will never benefit me or even make me feel better.  It will only cause a vicious cycle that will take me back to where I started 14 months ago. The hardest part now is to get over the frumpy feeling of yucky food in my body and MOVE FORWARD! Get out of the funk, break free!

time to beat the bulge! I love those days when I wake up feeling thinner… haven’t had one in a while though.



Weight Loss Challenge starts this Wednesday, March 5th!!!


Join our next 8 week challenge!! HERE

Are you needing some accountability, friendly competition and support? This challenge is for you! No matter how close or how far you are from your weight loss goals, we can help you get where you want to be physically and emotionally. Losing weight is hard, but can get easier with help, a little competion and a support group cheering you on your way!

Join us!

We have a weight loss challenge for women and men.  We are also having maintenance groups to help you keep healthy.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep??

Is everybody ready for another challenge?? Here’s an easy yet very beneficial one! Tomorrow stop eating at 8pm and go to bed at a decent hour. This will 1. Help you feel better about your weigh in friday morning, 2. prevent you from late night snacking and 3. help you feel in control when you accomplish it!


One of the leading causes of weight gain is insufficient sleep, well shoot, can someone tell my kids this?! Be more in control of your late night eating and when you go to bed. You WILL wake up feeling fabulous!!!

I just want everyone to know,  I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. It’s hard, frustrating, fun, supportive, enlightening. Y’all have seriously done AWESOME and you should be very proud of your progress!! Being healthy is a way of life. Continue to make it your way of life and you WILL see and/or feel the effects of it.

Losing Weight Mom