Success Stories

I have seen some awesome successes since starting these challenges. I do think reading success stories is super helpful and motivating. Just wanted to share some good ones from Women’s Health Mag.


I can totally relate when this was said in the 7th story

“when someone pulled out a camera on a family trip. I always tried to stand in the back, but this time I couldn’t hide,” she recalls. “I decided I wanted a body that I could be proud of.”

I feel the same way! Its time to be proud of my body. Time to make it what I can. Time to treat it right. Feed it properly.  I want the energy a fit body radiates.

Step by step, winning by losing.

Here’s my official “before” picture… now I just need an after picture. I just hit my 50 pounds lost mark since March of 2013! Gotta. Keep. Going. Almost there!

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.12.11 PM


(I can’t believe I just posted this on the internet… pretty sure I must be crazy!)

Man, getting fit is fun! Emotional, hard, exhausting but OH SO FUN!

Losing Weight Mom