Terms and Challenge Rules

Losing Weight Mom Terms

Nothing on this website or in any of the communications provided in association with LosingWeightMom.com (“Website”) or the Losing Weight Mom Weight-Loss Challenge (“Challenge”) shall constitute medical advice. All weight loss measures taken by weight-loss challenge participants (“Participants”) are done under their own direction and discretion. Information provided on this website is provided as is and shall only be considered as informative, not instructive.

Participants agree that they have not undergone or plan to  undergo any type of drastic medical weight-loss treatment. Such treatment includes, but is not limited to, all forms of bariatric surgery.

Participants agree to submit their weight biweekly on time (by 10 am) through the webpage provided. Weight must be submitted prior to 10am PST on Thursdays every other week.

Participants agree that NO late/missed weigh-ins are allowed and result in disqualification from the Challenge prize money. Late weigh-in consists of submitting Participant’s weekly weigh-in after 10am PST.

Participants agree to having their participation terminated if they are found to be guilty of cheating. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, drastically increasing body weight prior to initial weigh-in, holding weights or other heavy objects during initial weigh-in, and tampering with scale to falsely represent Participant’s weight. Anyone losing more than 4% of their body weight in one week will be contacted for explanation. If you lose more than 3% of your body weight the last week, but have not been consistent in your weight loss throughout the challenge, you may be disqualified. This challenge is not one week long, it is 9 weeks of hard work.

Participants agree to use a digital scale placed on a solid surface, not on carpet. Participants shall use the same scale, if possible, for each weigh-in throughout the Challenge. First and last weigh in MUST be on the same scale.

Participants agree that they are not currently pregnant and have not given birth less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the Challenge.

Participants agree to pay the $35 participation fee (“Fee”) prior to the Challenge to be eligible for prize money at the conclusion of the Challenge. Payment shall be made through Paypal to jody@losingweightmom.com or venmo@ Jody-Evans-1. After payment is received, and initial weigh-in is submitted, no refunds will be given.

Participants agree that a portion of their Fee will be allocated to site administration and support. The remainder of Participant’s Fee will be allocated to Challenge prize money.

Participants agree that winnings and distribution of prize money will be determined and agreed upon at the beginning of the Challenge by Participants and the site administrator.

If Participant needs to withdraw from the Challenge, Participant agrees that no refund will be given for Fee paid.

Participant takes Before Pictures in the first week the Challenge begins and After Pictures the day the Challenge ends. These photos will be used to verify weight-loss. Before and after photos will not be made public unless Participant agrees to have them made public on a before and after photo gallery portion of the website. Before and After Photos MUST be taken standing the same way. One forward, one to the side and one to the back. Do not over exaggerate your gut or arch your back. Stand up straight and tall.  If your hips are tilted or the angle of the photo is different in each picture we will not be able to consider you for the Biggest Transformation prize. Take before and after photos in the same clothing (no exceptions).  Options for before and after clothing: biker shorts and sports bra, biker shorts and fitted tank top, short shorts and fitted tank top, short shorts and fitted cap sleeved shirt. Baggy tshirts, long basketball type shorts, black/dark shirts or other clothing not mentioned are not permitted. Leggings are fine with a fitted top. Be sure the photo has good lighting. Clothing must be fitted and it must be clothing (no underwear please). The best before photos are taken in front of a white blank wall.  Body wraps are not permitted for after pictures. The after pictures are for showing your 9 week progress, not a body wrap progress.

Non-contestant fee is $20. Non-contestants agree that they will not receive their fee back. Their fee allows them to participate in weigh-ins and be a part of the facebook support group. Non-contestants are not eligible for any prize winnings.

This agreement may be amended with or without notice to Participants. Any modification made to this agreement only affects Participants who agree subsequent to modifications.

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