Time to set a few Goals!

smart goal setting concept


How are you doing?!! The Facebook page has been a little quitter this week. Is everyone staying strong? If not, that is totally ok! Tomorrow, wake up and decide to do your BEST.

Here’s tomorrow challenge:

I want you to have a good day and be proud of yourself, so tomorrows challenge is to make 3 goals and keep them. Right now decide what your 3 goals will be and do you absolute hardest to accomplish them! It’s only one day, YOU CAN DO THIS. Everyone can.

Here are mine:

70 oz. of water (I’ve only been getting about 60 and I swear I feel like I’m drinking all day lol)

Go to bed by 1030pm (I am a night owl… not good)

eat 100% clean tomorrow, NOTHING processed!

Ok, there are mine! Now you know my weaknesses 🙂 hahaha. You can do the same as me or choose your own. You can do this, and tomorrow when you go to bed you will be proud of you for doing it.

Losing Weight Mom