Tricep Tuesday Challenge (one of my favorites)!!!



I know we all love the backs of our arms (there are lots of fun nicknames for these) so tomorrow is TRICEP TUESDAY.

At the top of the hour, every hour, do as many tricep dips as you can.  Or even every other hour. Here’s a super short you tube video on good form and all different levels of tricep chair dips. The best part about this challenge is you can do it anywhere!! Home, work, the playground… wherever you are! (last challenge I made it to about 3 o’clock before my arms were completely dead!)

No excuses ladies. Let me know how your arms feel tomorrow. Oh how I LOVE my triceps… Not!

For those who want to be more intense, tricep dips and then 15-20 burpees, every hour, top of the hour.

The thing I LOVE most about this challenge is that you get woken up every hour. If you are in a slum or feeling lazy, these will wake you right up to energize you for another hour.

Losing Weight Mom

tricep chair dips instruction