Water Water Water, how much water are you drinking?

UN-says-2-bln-more-people-get-safe-water-to-drink_NGArticleFullAre you drinking enough water?  Here’s your challenge for the next few days. Tomorrow, track your water (you can start today if you’d like).  Just track it. That way you can get an idea of about how much you are having on a regular basis.

On Tuesday can you drink half your body weight in ounces? You don’t have to do this everyday, but that is the challenge for this Tuesday!! Let’s do it!  Then, Wednesday and on, make a more reasonable goal and start keeping track.

Water is so important in weight loss. I use to be afraid of drinking too much. I thought that too much  caused water retention, it is actually the opposite! Your body holds on to water when you aren’t getting enough. Drinking plenty of water will actually help your kidneys to flush out excess fluid.

With that being said, make your own goal. Don’t over do it.  But, you definitely want to compensate if you are a drinker of other drinks such as coffee, soda and alcoholic beverages.  The more water you drink, the less you’ll want to drink the other drinks. I find that when I have a good amount of water in my day, I don’t snack as much and I also don’t have room for my typical diet soda!

What is going to be your water goal from now on? Want to share it with us? I think I’m going to try for 70 ounces a day! Here we go!!

Losing Weight Mom