Weight-Loss Challenge

Welcome to the Losing Weight Mom 8 Week Weight-Loss Challenge!


Our next challenge begins September 22-26

Joining the challenge is easy and participating is tons of fun! This is a no-nonsense challenge. No product will be sold here, no particular weight-loss method will be promoted. Simply put, this is a challenge where you lose weight your way and WIN MONEY and PRIZES! Losing weight is hard, BUT not impossible with a support team and some money on the line. The Challenge is based on percentage of weight lost, not pounds. To join the challenge simply follow these steps:


1. Register with Losingweightmom.com

2. READ and ACCEPT the Terms

3. Pay $35 entry fee through Paypal (Please select “send money to friends and family”).

Losing Weight Mom 8 Week Challenge


After these steps have been completed and your account activated, your weight-loss plan is up to you. The LosingWeightMom.com blog will post helpful articles from time to time and the Challenge Facebook Page will be a place for you to get updates, support, or talk trash (depending on your competitive nature). Please add Jody Parkinson Evans as a friend on Facebook, so that she can add you to the private Facebook page. You may also see posts/updates on the official Losing Weight Mom Facebook Page.

Be sure to check out some of the before/after pictures here. I hope these tools and this platform will act as a springboard for you in your weight-loss journey!

Lets start Winning by Losing!


Losing Weight Mom