Why should I give up Diet Coke?

Why should I give up diet coke? This has been the question in my mind for 15 years! I’ve always thought drinking your calories was bad, and since Diet Coke  has no calories, I thought it was ok. I have never actually had the desire to give it up, but I have wanted to prove to people that I could if I wanted to.  I can say that I’ve always been a little embarressed with myself how at every event, playdate, girls night etc. I always had  to have my diet coke in hand.

I had a realization a while back that most woman who drink as much diet coke as I did were in fact overweight. When I realized this, I was sad. Like I said, I didn’t want to give it up.

About 6 weeks ago I decided it was time. I gave my reasons HERE. I am trying so hard to be a “health nut.”  I want to be healthy.  I am pretty sure consuming 42oz+ of Diet Coke every day is NOT healthy.


Here is what I’ve discovered!! I am on day 38 of no Diet Coke. I feel pretty good. A couple things that I have noticed is that our grocery bill is lower and our restaurant tabs are significantly lower!! Woot woot!!  But, most importantly I feel better. I am drinking tons of water now (and I actually like it). I have noticed that I don’t crave sweets anymore! Pretty cool! Of course if I am at an event and there are treats, I indulge, but during my every day life, I am not constantly wanting something sweet.  Also, I simply feel better about myself. Knowing that I have accomplished this is a big self esteem booster! In my book, that is a big deal. After being over-weight for so long and not ever feeling in control, it feels amazing to BE IN CONTROL.

How did I do it?

Honestly, I just did it! Sometimes I have a little green tea mid afternoon when I’m tired, but that is only every few days. The first week, I was putting crystal light pure in my water (no aspertame or artificial sweeteners). That helped. I’m not using that anymore, just plain old water. Hope this helps. If you are trying, just bite the bullet! You CAN do it!

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Good luck!!

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