Why should I stop drinking Diet Coke?


Doesn’t that look so good!? An ice cold fountain diet coke, just the way I like it!

I got started on Diet Coke pretty young… when I was two!! I loved my Dad’s 7-eleven runs.  Ok let’s be serious, I didn’t “drink” diet coke when I was two, just sips 🙂 (yes that’s me, blonde, crazy right?)

Me at 2


I’ve been told for a long time, that Diet Coke isn’t good for me. I have always thought “well at least it doesn’t have calories like regular coke.”  That has always been my attitude. I LOVE Diet Coke! Everyday. It’s best at restaurants, gas stations, ooh and those new Coke machines with the yummy flavors! Love those!  (Can you tell i’m not anti soda pop yet?)

Here is WHY I am going to stop drinking Diet Coke, for good:

1. I need to drink more WATER. When I am sipping on my oh so yummy, ice cold 44 oz from 7eleven, I’m not thirsty for water. In fact, I am sure there are days where I have not drank any water at all. I know water is so important to weight loss. I want to be able to hit my goal (drinking 70oz per day) and I just can’t hit that goal AND drink Diet Coke at the same time.

2. It’s expensive! I’m pretty good at only getting refills and keeping the cost pretty low but it is an everyday cost.  So if I’m paying 89 cents everyday for my refill that is about $27 per month. We also go out to eat 1 or 2 times a week. The drink is usually about $2 so that’s $16 more dollars to the total. Basically, I can save roughly $40 a month if I stop! Hey maybe I’ll buy myself $40 worth of new clothes every month instead 🙂

Those are my ONLY reasons for giving up Diet Coke. Honestly, I KNOW it’s bad for me in so many ways, but knowing those things has never given me the desire to stop. These two reasons have given me enough desire that I just don’t want to drink it anymore. I need more water to lose weight.  My weight loss is slowing down, so maybe this will pick it back up again! I’ll let you know!

Today is my 7th day without Diet Coke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes a round of applause please. AND I accomplished something amazing yesterday, my husband and I were at a banquet and the pop was free. I didn’t have any! My hubby was so so impressed haha!! But you know what is even better, I drank so much water at dinner! I can’t believe how much I drank, and it was good! I’m pumped to keep this up. Y’all need to keep me in check. Hopefully this post will keep me accountable!



Here are a few good reads about why you should give up your diet pop also! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!